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  Integration of humanities and science
  for the loop between barrier-free and
  five-sense communication

In our country, Advents of Information Society and aged Society are promoted simultaneously earlier than originally anticipated. So, There increase information-vulnerable groups on account of not catching up with the new information technology spring forth like mushrooms. Explosion of information-Vulnerable or aged people will lead to worker shortage and heavier burden of medical and social welfare costs, and these will bring specter of economic development.

Background of such situation, Assistive Technology for the aged or the handicapped surely enables to the security of the number of workers, the decrease of medical and social welfare costs, and the high-QOL (Quality of Life). Thus, it goes without saying that present social situation reflects the growing importance of Barrier-Free Engineering.

Assistive technology in the perspective of QOL improvement
Needs of near future.
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However, though electronic engineering and mechanical engineering are based on "science" of physics, there was no "science" that came in the dependent in the barrier-free engineering research, and it had been rejected by "business" for its small market and profitless. Actually, it is based on the science of feeling and recognition, "brain" that rules it is not understood well. Then, first set up the hypothesis "How does the function of the brain change?," we prove it by using the barrier-free equipment designed based on the hypothesis. The knowledge given by that process, it can be the basic of barrier-free enginerring research.

Furthermore, the equipment designed by function of brain will be make a new business chance, for example to invent a computer everyone can use or a man-machine sence interface. Connect with "barrier-free" and "sence telecommunication" project, our laboratory are going forward with academic fields that integrate the humanities and science. We hope that we can meet the needs of the age and carry out the new "enginerring".

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