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  Our Goal, "Human Assistive Technology"

The Division of Human Information Engineering carries out research for the sake of the designing assistive equipment for people who lost senses or physical functions and the application to Virtual Reality and Human Interface for Robots with studying human senses and accompanied physical faculties.

For that reason, we make psychophysical and physiological experiments to analyze the mechanism of sound cognition or generation, somatic cognition of objects' size, shape, and material, and environmental recognition through sight or equilibratory sense.

And there are some times to design assistive equipment with obtaining clues from animals' special ability, e.g. myna bird's voice mimicking.

Assistive technology in the perspective of QOL improvement
Aim at "Human assistive technology"
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Based on the higher brain functions of the concept formation and the sense movement combination of the human, with evaluating the problem when the support equipment is applied to the human, we have made the element technology that arose through the applied research to the improvement of the support equipment. Our research is based on the loop that return to the basis if it uses on the particular field, and there is still some problem.

The modified research for making to the spread is advanced for the support equipment that makes aural support equipment "Touch voice" to be going to receive the cooperation of the site and the enterprise by present, and to transmit information on the sound through the sense of touch of electric artificial larynx "Your Tone" that can put out the intonation and the tip of a finger and the voice a character and shows it through the penetration type glasses display. Moreover, Acchata that uses the solid metal hydride is manufactured, and the applied research to the help support device and technical system and aids for disabled or handicapped persons is done. Thanks to the collaboration of the particular field and the company, we have invented electrolarynx "Your Tone" that can put out the intonation, and auditory support equipment "Touch Voice" that convey the auditory information via fingertip. Now, we are trying to prevail the penetration type glasses display which indicate a letter transformed from a voice. Moreover, we producted the metal hydroid actuator, and carrying on a further research to apply the aids system and the rehabilitation system for handicapped.

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