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1. Assistive technology research
    1. 1. For the sensory disordered
        1. 1. 1. Auditory
            Tactile vocoder
            Cochlear implant
            Real-Time Captioning System Using
Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

            Voice-speed changer
        1. 1. 2. Sight
            Text to speech application
            Tactile jog dial
            Ultrasonic blind mobility aid
            Obstacle sense
        1. 1. 3. Vocal
            Electrolarynx with inflection function
            Voice generator using touch pad
    1. 2. For the physically-disabled
        1. 2. 1. Basic devices
            Metal Hydride Actuator
        1. 2. 2. Rehabilitation technology
            Application of Metal Hydride Actuator
            Analysis of association between
sense and motion

2. Applied research
    2. 1. Mixed reality
        2. 1. 1. Effect to human of mixed reality
            Effect to human of mixed reality: 3D video picture
            Effect to human body of mixed reality on car
        2. 1. 2. Virtual reality of hands & fingers
            Haptic-feedback robot hand
            Somatosensory analysis and haptic display
    2. 2. Signal processing
        2. 2. 1. Audio signal processing
            Research on historical sound players
            Archive of historical recordings utilizing GHA
            Recording on Dual-MS microphone

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